Volunteer Bond Agreement (West Lincoln Minor Hockey)

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  1. Many  of  our  Association  members  are  unaware  of  just  how  much  volunteer  work  and  fundraising  is  necessary  to  operate  a  quality  hockey  program.    The  Volunteer  Bond  Program  has  been  introduced  to  encourage  members  to  get  involved.    The  time  commitment  is  not  unreasonable  and  the  help  is  beneficial  and  appreciated.    Participation  in  the  Volunteer  Bond  Program  is  a  mandatory  component  of  registration  with  the  Association.  

    The value of the bond is $200/family. A minimum of 8 points of association approved volunteer work is necessary to fulfill each family’s Volunteer Bond obligation per season. Hockey School families are required to fulfill 4 credit hours and provide a cheque for $100 if they have only one child registered.

    Each family must submit this Agreement Form (one per player) and one cheque post-dated April 30, 2018 in the amount of $200.00 ($100 for Hockey School). 
    The cheque will be collected at the start of the season by the team Manager or Convenor.
    Please submit  this Agreement Form and bring in cheque ASAP.  
    Play will be denied if the Agreement and cheque are not received by October 27, 2018. 
    Thank-you for your co-operation.


    Cheques will be cashed if the credits are not properly reported by the deadline.

    Families deciding to “Opt Out” of the Volunteer Bond Program may do so at any time during the season by submitting this Agreement Form and selecting the “Opt out” clause  along with a cheque for today’s date to the VP- Volunteer Coordinator ([email protected])

     **NOTE:  There will be an NSF fee in addition to the $200; for all returned cheques**

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